October 18, 2023

AirBNB - Case Study

Peter Daniel
Peter Daniel

Airbnb revenue for the twelve months ending June 30, 2023 was $9.088B, a 23.1% increase year-over-year. Airbnb annual revenue for 2022 was $8.399B, a 40.17% increase from 2021. Airbnb annual revenue for 2021 was $5.992B, a 77.38% increase from 2020.

I was curious how they think about their design. I observed 5 points that were consistent:

  1. Right Branding: The brand shouts community at each touch point, and stands for it as well. This is consistent from choosing hotels to booking them.

  2. Invokes a feeling of transparency. The clear and upfront display of ratings, reviews, and host-guest interactions as well. It’s available on each screen from booking to pre-check in.

  3. Simplicity with a Splash of Personality: The design is simple yet engaging, It carries a distinct Airbnb personality, warm and welcoming.

As nascent startups, these design tenets could be helpful.

I’ll keep going through other apps that've tasted success, and try to put my honest insights on their design from a user perspective.