October 17, 2023

Limiting Freelance Hours: The Case Against Hiring Senior Product Designers for Over 20 Hours a Week

As an early-stage startup you don’t need a Senior designer who demands a salary of 50 L per annum. 

To put it simply, you’re an early-stage startup, and you don’t need to fall for it. Your goals are different - and hiring an expensive designer won’t aid the goal. 

Here’s what you need - you need a senior top-tier design freelancer working with you 20hrs/ week, and charging you similar to what a junior designer would charge if he/ she joins full-time. 

That’s the real solution I arrived at, after helping 50+ startups hire great product designers. 

Want to access top-tier senior design talent? I’ll get you as fast as you blink your eyes - that’s a little too much. But you get my point, right!

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